Hera/Juno Handmade Cloth Art Doll (One-of-a-Kind)

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Product Description

One-of-a-kind, handmade cloth doll of the Queen of the Greco-Roman pantheon.

To the Greeks, she was known as Hera, to the Romans as Juno. She is the Queen of the Greco-Roman gods, the temperamental sister-wife of Zeus/Juppiter, patroness of marriage and women. This completely handmade, completely one-of-a-kind cloth doll presents one of many artistic interpretations of this Greco-Roman goddess.

Her blue patterned dress (in the style of the Greek peplos) calls to mind her signature bird, the peacock, and is accented with gold buttons at the shoulders and blue pendant beads along the waist hem. Her face is hand-embroidered, with bright green eyes to symbolize the jealousy for which she is sometimes known. Soft, olive-toned fabric and long black braids recall the Mediterranean origins of this goddess. Hera/Juno is a beautifully detailed gift for any mythology aficionado.

*Cotton/velour blend body, fiberfill stuffing. Recommend gentle spot-cleaning only.
*Satin upholstery tassel hair
*Chiffon dress with gold ribbon, plastic bead, and plastic button accents
*Made in a smoke-free household
*Approximately 11 inches tall.

Hera/Juno Handmade Cloth Art Doll (One-of-a-Kind)