Eris and Her Puppets Handmade Cloth Art Doll (One-of-a-Kind)

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Product Description

One-of-a-kind, handmade cloth doll depicitng the Greek goddess Eris and her manipulation of the inciting events of the Trojan War.

Eris, or Discord, was the Greek personification of chaos and worldly strife. The most famous story about her describes how, angry at not being invited to a divine wedding ceremony, she threw a golden apple inscribed with "For the Most Beautiful" among the guests, igniting a feud of vanity among three goddesses, Aphrodite, the goddess of love; Hera, the queen of the gods; and Athena, the goddess of wisdom. These three goddess sought the opinion of Paris, prince of Troy, who awarded the prize to Aphrodite after she promised him the hand of Helen in marriage. Helen, however, was already married to the king of Sparta, and Paris's theft of her on Aphrodite's promise started the Trojan War.

This completely handmade, completely one-of-a-kind art doll offers an interpretation of Eris pulling the strings behind the Trojan War. Eris wears wild black hair and a thin black dress adorned with accents made of silver chain and black beads. She also sports a black jeweled choker and a knowing smirk on her beautiful, yet cruel, hand-embroidered face. In each hand, she hold two of her puppets; the three goddesses and Paris. In one hand, Paris in the leather tunic and purple cape, presents the golden apple to Aphrodite, in the pink dress. In the other hand, the two spurned goddesses, Hera in the blue and Athena in the brown. The tableau of the four figures dangling from Eris's puppet strings makes a striking representation of one of the most famous epic stories in history.

*Muslin body, fiberfill stuffing. Thin wire armature in the body, arms, and shoulders. Recommend gentle spot-cleaning only.
*Chiffon dress with chainlink accessories at the waist ans shoulder
*Black ribbon and plastic gem choker
*Yarn hair
Her Puppets:
*Muslin bodies, chiffon and satin dresses, leather tunic. Recommend gentle spot-cleaning only.
*Yarn hair
*Craft wood puppet sticks, fishing line strings

*All made in a smoke-free household
*Better for display than for play

Eris is approximately 20 inches tall.

Eris and Her Puppets Handmade Cloth Art Doll (One-of-a-Kind)