Achilles (Troy 2004) Handmade Cloth Art Doll (One-of-a-Kind)

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Product Description

One-of-a-kind, handmade cloth doll inspired by Brad Pitt's portrayal of Achilles in the 2004 film "Troy".

Achilles, the tragic hero of Homer's "Iliad", is one of the lasting and classic characters of all fiction. The semi-divine warrior who went to the Trojan War to win everlasting glory, though he knew it would cost him his life. This completely one-of-a-kind, completely handmade cloth doll was inspired by the interpretation of Achilles that was brought to the big screen in 2004's epic film "Troy", wherein the legendary hero was portrayed by Brad Pitt.

The details of this doll, from the hand-embroidered features to the handmade leather armor and shield with their handstitched gold detailing, recall both the specific film depiction and the larger character of Achilles, a soldier from a time that was long-ago myth when the ancient Greeks came around.

*Muslin body, fiberfill stuffing. Recommend gentle spot-cleaning only.
*Cardboard-backed leather armor and shield. Rubber ties on greaves and wristlets.
*Craft wood leaf sword
*Acrylic yarn hair
*Made in a smoke-free household
*Approximately 20 inches tall
*Better for display than for play

Achilles (Troy 2004) Handmade Cloth Art Doll (One-of-a-Kind)